Car Parking Control and Entrance Control Systems

  • The system is used to guide drivers to certain parking lot units effectively and quickly. By using ultrasonic sensor, system can detect if a parking space is occupied or not and indicate the status with different color light, meanwhile the real time information will be displayed on guiding screen to guide drivers to the right place.

  • The system can also be integrated with Secuart Parking Management System to control the lot lights and to add vehicle-tracking function to help drivers finding their vehicles in a convenient way when they want to exit.

  • By swiping card or reading barcode ticket at the car finding terminals, the location information will be written to the card or associated with the barcode ticket and this information will be sent to Parking Finder. When the user swipes their card or scans their barcode on car finder stations, car location will be displayed on the Parking Finder with routes to follow. ​

  • Every car park with entrance control system needs barriers to keep the car park safe and control the entrances of the car park. You can find the best solution for your car park within our wide range of car park barriers.

  • Smooth and stable operation, safe for vehicles and pedestrians with built-in pressure and IR photocell sensors.

  • Easy installation and set up, with push button and remote control operating options.


Car Location Reader


Car Finder