Smart Parcel Lockers

  • Gone are those days of arriving home to find out you have missed an important parcel delivery from a courier. Rescheduling delivery or finding the time to pick up your parcel can be difficult!
    While with the Smart Parcel Lockers, you won't face such problems!


  • With long-range control and real-time monitor, the system can efficiently and promptly deal with the locker malfunctions, which sharply decreases the amount of spot working.


  • The modular construction of a terminal enables easy upgrades of hardware components of the central unit. Future methods of payments or identification can be incorporated into the system.


  • The modular construction of the body of terminal enables configuration of machines in various sizes and with different numbers of lockers suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations.


  • When the postman comes to the Parcel Locker post and log the parcel, the system will automatically generate a PIN code and sends it to the customers via SMS text or email, so they can pick up the
    package at their convenience.