Walk-Through Metal Detectors

  • Used for scenic spots, gymnasiums, expo centres, baggage counters, supermarkets, hotels, courts, prison etc.

  • Multi-zone detectors ranging from 8 to 33 detecting zones with each zone having 256 adjustable sensitivity level.

  • Easy to operate user interface with high quality LCD screen options with different sizes and specifications.

  • Sound and LED alarm on both sides of the detector clearly indicates where the metal is detected.

  • Automatically counts persons went through and alarms.

  • Password protection prevents altering the settings by anyone else than authorized person. 

  • Easy assembly and installation with only two piece of cables and 8 screws.

  • Harmless to human body; causes no harm to heart pacemakers, pregnant women, medical electronics etc.

  • Optional battery for electric cuts which can stand for 4-8 hours.